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Student Success Stories: Leigh Collins

Student Success Stories: Leigh Collins
September 29, 2021 aha

I began my training in 2018. My story is slightly different from others as I started training at a different flight school. Having this experience with another school has shown me that the training at AHA is above and beyond others. You’re not another number with AHA, they give you in-depth knowledge and training which is second to none.

Some flight schools are purely that, but AHA is a part of a larger picture. All of your training is conducted in and around a busy commercial hangar, exposing you to authentic aviation life. You get to see the behind-the-scenes of what happens day to day. The engineers who maintain the machines on the floor are also more than happy to teach you and share their knowledge if you’re willing to learn.

Training with AHA in the remote Kimberley is a perfect place to kickstart your training. It is an incredibly beautiful area, but it also challenges you in a way that makes it very enjoyable.