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There is no better place to learn to fly a helicopter than in the stunning Kimberley region in Western Australia. Australian Helicopter Academy (AHA) is one of the very few helicopter training schools which provides scenario based flight training in the environment that you are likely to get your first job. With instructors who are experienced professional helicopter pilots, students will learn far more here than the basic helicopter licence.  AHA is a unique training facility in Australia.

Our qualified instructors will train you on all aspects of flying helicopters from the effects of control movement, how to hold the controls and what the controls do, as well as general care and maintenance of all the aircraft. You will then progress to learning to fly the helicopter, circuits, hovering, emergency procedures, navigation and operating in a controlled airspace. Flying in the top end of Australia is exciting and Darwin is close by for controlled airspace training. There is employment opportunity for the right candidates with HeliSpirit, a charter helicopter business with a fleet of 21 helicopters operating across Esperance, the Kimberley and in the Northern Territory.

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A commercial helicopter licence (CPL (H)) allows the holder to fly for hire or reward anywhere in Australia.

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Find out all about the specialised work we do here at Australian Helicopter Academy.


  • "Highlights of the training has to be the training areas available to AHA. There is everything from open paddocks to tight gorges to remote pinnacles everywhere is stunning and with a bit of rain waterfalls pop up everywhere. I would 100% recommend AHA to people looking to get there CPL. Being in the Kimberly's means you don't waste any time with controlled airspace,  get to explore stunning areas and have top tier instructors aswell as the added bonus of working side by side Helispirit and gaining an understanding of how a commercial operator works and the potential for employment straight out of training!"
    Harry Shaw - ACT
  • testimony-img "The decision was easy for me when choosing to do my training with AHA. They have experienced instructors who have incredible experience in all areas of the helicopter industry such as long lining, fire fighting, mustering etc. Being exposed to a large helicopter business has also been brilliant as you get real insight into how a professional helicopter company is run and what they expect from a professional pilot. Having LAME’s and Avionics engineers on hand has been a huge bonus as they gave me a solid understanding to the ins and outs of a wide range of aircraft. Most of all l was influenced with the scenario based flying and the attention to detail that AHA provide so I can become a true professional in the industry."
    Sam Bleakley - Harrow, VIC
  • "I couldn’t recommend AHA highly enough. The training environment fully immerses you in the industry which helps endlessly in learning all that is required to get your licence. The people involved in the training and the HeliSpirit employees made the entire process an unforgettable experience."
    Callum MacKellar - WA

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