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Australian Helicopter Academy is a specialised helicopter flight training facility located in Kununurra, Western Australia. Affiliated with HeliSpirit, Australian Helicopter Academy provides Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) training. Training is conducted alongside the day to day operations of HeliSpirit, with students gaining a first-hand insight into one of Australia’s most successful and exciting helicopter businesses.

With new facilities, including a purpose-built study room and modern classroom which overlooks the busy maintenance facility of HeliSpirit, it is an exciting place to learn to fly. AHA operates a fleet of immaculate training helicopters including the Robinson R22.

AHA is very fortunate to have a training environment here with the Kimberley region offering a great diversity of terrain and an unlimited number of off-field landing sites right on the doorstep of the airport.

Australian Helicopter Academy instructors are experienced professional helicopter pilots whose daily work includes; fire-fighting, search and rescue, survey, tourism flights and much more. They will share their industry knowledge with students through quality instruction as a result of the thousands of flight hours under their belts.




HeliSpirit currently operates 25 helicopters from the Robinson R22 to the Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter) AS350 Squirrel.  It employs approximately 30 helicopter pilots each tourist season (from March/April – September/October) to primarily conduct scenic flights from 9 remote bases around the Northern Territory and Western Australia, making it one of the largest employers of new pilots in Australia. For more information on the wide range of services offered and locations, visit www.helispirit.com.au

HeliSpirit’s selection criteria is based on flying skills, attitude, professionalism, teamwork and an overarching commitment to high levels of safety. Well developed people skills and friendly customer service are attributes necessary in HeliSpirit commercial pilots. Australian Helicopter Academy will shape you into a safe and skilled pilot in a very rewarding and satisfying environment.

When you graduate you will be ready for employment, with a fully comprehensive skill base that will be seen by prospective employers as a cut above the rest. Our instructors also have many contacts within the helicopter industry to help you pursue other employment opportunities.

To date, 100% of students who have completed their CPL through the Australian Helicopter Academy and applied for employment with HeliSpirit have been successful.


HeliSpirit will select the most dedicated and promising CPL candidates from Australian Helicopter Academy and offer employment as a commercial helicopter pilot. HeliSpirit has an extremely busy scenic tour season which gives pilots valuable logbook hours and experience to lead into a great start in commercial operations. 

To date, 100% of students who have completed their CPL through the Australian Helicopter Academy have successfully applied and obtained employment with HeliSpirit.



Our highly experienced engineering staff are always busy working in the hangar keeping a fleet of 20+ helicopters at the highest standard throughout the year. As a student with the Australian Helicopter Academy, you’ll be involved in the daily activities and learn about the mechanical side of your helicopter in the busy maintenance hangar.

We believe that exposing our students to the way helicopters work and understanding the machine is crucial when working towards your licence.

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  • "I couldn’t recommend AHA highly enough. The training environment fully immerses you in the industry which helps endlessly in learning all that is required to get your licence. The people involved in the training and the HeliSpirit employees made the entire process an unforgettable experience."
    Callum MacKellar - WA
  • "Highlights of the training has to be the training areas available to AHA. There is everything from open paddocks to tight gorges to remote pinnacles everywhere is stunning and with a bit of rain waterfalls pop up everywhere. I would 100% recommend AHA to people looking to get there CPL. Being in the Kimberly's means you don't waste any time with controlled airspace,  get to explore stunning areas and have top tier instructors aswell as the added bonus of working side by side Helispirit and gaining an understanding of how a commercial operator works and the potential for employment straight out of training!"
    Harry Shaw - ACT
  • testimony-img "The decision was easy for me when choosing to do my training with AHA. They have experienced instructors who have incredible experience in all areas of the helicopter industry such as long lining, fire fighting, mustering etc. Being exposed to a large helicopter business has also been brilliant as you get real insight into how a professional helicopter company is run and what they expect from a professional pilot. Having LAME’s and Avionics engineers on hand has been a huge bonus as they gave me a solid understanding to the ins and outs of a wide range of aircraft. Most of all l was influenced with the scenario based flying and the attention to detail that AHA provide so I can become a true professional in the industry."
    Sam Bleakley - Harrow, VIC