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August 24, 2016 dilate_ausheliacademy_447
  • Coming up here was a great decision. I have the opportunity to train with highly experienced instructors who have diverse industry backgrounds. I train in the bush off the airport, in terrain and scenarios where and how helicopters are designed to operate. Every day I am exposed to a busy commercial helicopter operation and I am actively involved with the maintenance crew – a must in my opinion. I also get to live in the Kimberley, the view never gets old and the people are great.
    Gareth Cope - Gold Coast, QLD
  • The decision was easy for me when choosing to do my training with AHA. They have experienced instructors who have incredible experience in all areas of the helicopter industry such as Long Lining, Fire Fighting, Mustering etc. Being exposed to a large helicopter business has also been brilliant as you get real insight into how a professional helicopter company is run and what they expect from a professional pilot. Having LAME’s and Avionics engineers there on hand has been a huge bonus as they gave me a solid understanding to the ins and outs of a wide range of aircraft. Most of all l was influenced with the scenario based flying and the attention to detail that AHA provide so I can become a true professional in the industry.
    Sam Bleakley - Harrow, VIC